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Charismatically fusing performance and design, the new BMW R 1200 RS is a highly capable sports tourer offering a comfortable ride yet involving riding experience making even the most even rudimental journeys exciting. Responsive suspension and a meticulously crafted chassis are the perfect carriage for the ergonomic seating, all of which works together to provide the rider with a feeling of comfort and safety, with a specifically angled tank that allows for maximum support to be leveraged by the riders knees. As a result, quickly shifting positions during cornering and tight spots is made effortless, allowing for precision riding even under poor weather conditions.

A 2-cylinger 4-stroke boxer engine is at the heart of the liquid cooled BMW R 1200 RS, producing 125 bhp. As a sports tourer, the engine has been refined to deliver power smoothly throughout the rev range, with a consistent delivery at a variety of RPMs giving maximum flexibility in all gears. 125 Nm of torque is produced at 6,500 rpm and fully fuelled, with an 18 litre tank and approximately 4 litre reserve, the R 1200 RS weighs in at 236 kg making it sturdy and durable. Braking is administered via a dual disc brake at the front with floating brake discs at 320 mm in diameter combined with 4-piston radial calipers. To the rear, there is a single disc brake at 276 mm diameter which utilises a double-piston floating caliper. BMW Motorrad ABS braking is also available on the R 1200 RS.

New John Clark BMW R 1200 RS
New John Clark BMW R 1200 RS
New John Clark BMW R 1200 RS

BMW R 1200 RS For Sale

Dynamic styling give this highly capable sports tourer an almost super sport look, with symmetrical headlights that are stylishly incorporated into front fairings, with the remainder of the engine being uncovered allowing for additional cooling as well as a more rugged appearance. Plenty of versatility has been developed into the BMW R 1200 RS, with plenty of wind and weather protection that works seamlessly with the integrated Automatic Stability Control ensuring maximum stability on every road type. In addition, ran and road modes are available to electronically adjust the drive train and suspension to suit the riding conditions you are experiencing.

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