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Our Tips For Driving Safely This Autumn​

​Autumn has come around quickly. With the weather changing and the leaves turning colour, we must make sure we are being as safe on the road as we can. At Specialist Cars Renault we have some travel tips to share with you.


Glare can prevent us seeing the road clearly. At this time of year, the sun is low in the sky and can be extremely bright.Here are a few tips to improve your vision:

  • Clean your windscreen. Remove all hazy film that builds up inside and outside, this will increase vision even on the sunniest day.
  • Check your window for any scratches or chips. Even the tiniest chips in your windscreen can really affect your vision and lead to bigger, worse cracks appearing.
  • Replace any old wiper blades. Keeping your wiper blades fresh means, they will work at their best on those rainy days.
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car. It might not be summer but keep those sunglasses handy to make sure you can clearly see in all weathers.
  • Slow down whenever your visibility is compromised. Don’t feel rushed when you are feeling dazzled, slow down your driving to prevent any accidents. 
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Bulbs and Batteries

Batteries last around five years. They are fundamental to your car starting and as such if there are any signs that your battery might be running low we recommend changing now rather than later. Fog and dark nights are very common in the Autumn months. We would recommend checking your lights every two weeks to make sure they are working properly. Remember to check both brake and number plate lights too.


The colder weather sets in quickly here in Aberdeen. When it gets cold it can be really slippy outside, even on roads we least expect it. To avoid slipping on the road, get your tyres checked for depth, grip and tread. This will ensure that you are as safe as you can be on those frosty mornings.

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