Volkswagen has unveiled its latest safety technology to reduce the number of low-speed accidents around town.

The innovative City Emergency Braking system activates at speeds under 18mph and uses a laser sensor to detect the risk of a potential collision.

Depending on the speed and situation in question, City Emergency Braking can reduce accident severity and even avoid a crash, priming the brakes to make them more sensitive.

If the driver does not brake at all - and a collision is imminent - the system is applied automatically.

Over the last 10 years, incidents on the UK’s roads have dropped year on year.

According to the Department for Transport, fatalities are down 46% since 2005, while serious injuries are down 24%.

Scotland showcased the largest improvement of road safety in the UK, with fatalities dropping by 19% from 2014 to 2015.

Volkswagen’s latest safety system alerts the driver both visually and audibly, with car safety body Euro NCAP suggesting that the City Emergency Brake could help to avoid or mitigate some 22% of injuries.

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City Emergency Braking is available on some of Volkswagen’s top-selling models including the Polo, Golf and Passat.

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