Effortless performance and style come as standard with every Jaguar. Jaguar Financial Services makes buying one just as simple and rewarding. New or used, for personal or business use, we have an option that puts you in complete control. 

  • Can I afford higher or lower monthly payments?
  • Do I want to pay for some of the car now, and then pay the rest off later?
  • Do I want to own the car outright at the end of my finance agreement?
  • Do I want flexibility in my agreement?

View your finance options below and contact Pentland Jaguar in Edinburgh and Perth for more information.

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Jaguar Financial Options John Clark Motor Group

Jaguar Advance Payment Plan
Jaguar Balloon Hire Purchase
Jaguar Business Contract Hire


Ideal if you are planning to pay your Jaguar outright with no regular payments. 

You choose the annual mileage and agreement term to suit you.

  • ​Make one up-front payment with a choice of three final options at end of agreement:
  • Renew - Choose a new Jaguar and use any excess value over the Final Payment amount towards your deposit.
  • Retain - Keep your Jaguar and pay the Optional Final Payment
  • Return - Hand back your vehicle under the Goods Return Option, with nothing further to pay.


Own your Jaguar with lower fixed regular payments.​

Works like a normal Hire Purchase with a mandatory Balloon payment at end of agreement.

  • Decide how long you want your agreement term to be between 12 and 48 months.
  • Choose the balloon payment amount that you would like to defer to end of agreement​
  • ​Fixed regular payments for easy budgeting.
  • No mileage restrictions
  • You own your Jaguar at the end of the agreement.


​Business customers can drive away the perfect Jaguar with an initial rental and regular rental fees.

We buy the Jaguar you choose and claim back the VAT - so your payments are calculated exclusive of VAT.

  • ​VAT registered businesses can reclaim a portion of the VAT paid on rental payments, and all of the VAT paid on optional service maintenance packages.
  • Low initial outlay and regular rental payments for easy budgeting.
  • Flexibility to change your contract term and mileage if things change.
  • No concerns about the future value of the car.
Jaguar Hire Purchase
Jaguar Privilege
Jaguar Personal Contract Hire


​Get behind the wheel of your favourite Jaguar with regular payments and ownership at the end of the term.

Choose the level of deposit you want to pay and an agreement term between 12 and 60 months.

  • ​Fixed regular payments for easy budgeting
  • You own your Jaguar at the end of the agreement with no deferred lump sum to pay
  • No maximum mileage restriction
  • Business Users - Interest charges may be allowable against tax


​Enjoy fixed monthly repayments and with your choice of term and mileage.

  • ​Make fixed monthly payments with a choice of three options at the end of the agreement:
  • Renew - Part exchange the vehicle subject to settlement of your existing finance agreement
  • Retain - Keep your Jaguar and pay the Optional Final Payment
  • Return - Hand back your vehicle without paying the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value or the Final Payment


​Pay an initial rental in advance of 1-12 months, regular rental fees and no worries about disposing of your car at the end of the contract.

  • ​Agree your annual mileage and your initial rental in advance and how many regular monthly payments (between 18 and 60) you prefer
  • Choose the right optional service, maintenance and repair package for you. Your rental fee is calculated based on your choices
  • At the end of the term, return the vehicle to us with nothing further to pay.
  • Road Fund Licence included for the duration of your contract
  • Flexibility to change your contract term and mileage should your circumstances change
  • You don't have to worry about selling your car at the end of your contract