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Looking to sell your car?

Well, good news! We want to buy it!

John Clark boasts over 40 years of experience in buying and selling cars, vans, and motorbikes. We know our stuff. This experience helps us find the best price for your vehicle no matter the model or make.

As we buy your car for cash there are no third parties involved making this a smooth, streamlined, and pain-free experience. This refined process can also save on having to pay middlemen a cut or any additional fees.

Everyone wins!

Why Sell to John Clark?

You might be wondering why you should sell your car to a John Clark over one of the online alternatives. Apart from our high-quality customer service and deep knowledge of the automotive industry, there are a few key benefits.

  • Sell your car in 3 simple steps
  • Get a valuation in under 50 seconds
  • instant valuation price
  • 7 Day price guarantee
  • Avoid the hassle of selling privately
  • Instant bank transfer when accepted
  • We will settle any outstanding finance
  • Collection from anywhere in Scotland
  • Free valuation

VW | Golf 8 1.5 TSI Life 5dr Hatch

How Will the Condition of My Vehicle Affect the Quote?

Of course, the condition, age, and mileage will directly impact the quote.

We split vehicles into three categories with showroom condition, average condition, and below-average condition. We've added a guide below for an indication of how we gauge each level.

Showroom Condition

  • Requires no reconditioning, paintwork free from scratches, chips and dents.
  • Similarly, the interior trim will need to be in unmarked condition. Wheels, Alloys and trims need to be unmarked and tyres a minimum of 5mm all round.
  • Vehicle of original factory specification.
  • The vehicle will require a full-service history and MOT.
  • All current registration documents and a minimum of two keys.
  • Please note all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal.

Average Condition

  • It will have service history and MOT certificate but will require some work done to bring it up to a suitable condition for sale.
  • Although the car will be sound mechanically, the wheels, paintwork or bodywork may need minor attention.
  • Please note all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal.

Below Average Condition

  • If your car has poor service history or less than a month remaining on your MOT certificate you should consider it as being in poor condition. A small percentage will be deducted from its value as a result.
  • In addition, work will be required to fix dents, bumpers, wheel and paint damage.
  • Mechanical issues may be present.
  • Please note that all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal.

Get Your Quote

By this point, I'm sure you'll be keen to get that quote.

All you need to do is fill in your registration, a few details about your car, and that's it!