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New Nissan Leaf In Aberdeen, Dundee & Perth

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Nissan’s all-electric new LEAF has helped vehicle technology take a huge leap forward, as it revolutionises practical zero emissions mobility without compromising on performance or functionality. The model is a landmark car for the Japanese brand, and it looks set to spearhead further innovation from one of the most forward-thinking manufacturers in the industry.

The LEAF seats five in supreme comfort, and environmentally-aware design is found here as well as under the bonnet. You can choose from luxurious leather upholstery or opt for eco-aware bio-fabric made from sugar cane. Nissan’s designers have made the best use of available space to maximise room in the front and back, and the rear bench can fold flat to increase the boot’s capacity further.

New Nissan Leaf John Clark Motor Group
New Nissan Leaf from John Clark Motor Group
New Nissan Leaf John Clark Motor Group

A digital dashboard dominates the centre stack, removing many of the buttons and switches typically found here. Through this display, you have simple command over cutting-edge technology including the Carwings Intelligent Navigation System, which can also be remotely accessed from home or via a smartphone. The LEAF’s progressive theme is directly reflected through its head-turning exterior styling. The front end has a dynamic shape that gives the illusion of forward movement even when still, a trait enhanced by the swept-back headlamps and flowing folds down each flank.

The rear lights stretch vertically from the roofline to halfway down the boot, and a third brake light is mounted high for maximum visibility.

New Nissan Leaf Interior
New Nissan Leaf Interior
New Nissan Leaf Interior


Choosing a Leaf means choosing Nissan, word leaders in 100% electric. Making responsible and economical driving a reality, the reasons for switching to electric driving with us are endless. But here are a few to consider:


Leave city noise behind with a quiet, 100% electric drive


Travel 100 miles on the cost of just one cup of coffee. One of the many benefits of switching to the 100% electric Leaf.​


​From March 1st 2016, the 100% Nissan LEAF will qualify for a £4,500 Plug-In Car Grant from the UK Government, while plug-in hybrids will only receive £2,500.


Go further with the new Nissan Leaf 30kWh battery.

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