Here at Specialist Cars SEAT, we understand how crucial a car's warranty is for any driver. This special vehicle cover provides financial protection, whilst providing reassurance that the cost of any future services will remain low. It is why anybody who purchases a new or used SEAT from a main dealer will receive warranties and benefits exclusively from the manufacturer.

Because Specialist Cars SEAT is a main dealer, if you send you car in for a service with us we ensure that your warranty remains valid. Your car will be looked after by fully-trained technicians whilst you can enjoy the exclusive offers Specialist Cars SEAT provides as an authorised dealer.

If you opt to get your car serviced or repaired at a garage that isn't approved by SEAT, your warranty may be rendered invalid. Not only would you not be able to receive our exclusive benefits, but you are likely to find that any future problems with your car will become more expensive and time-consuming to repair.

This is especially true as every SEAT warranty is designed to cover a wide range of electrical and mechanical components within your vehicle. If any need repairing, the only way to ensure that your warranty remains valid is through using manufacturer-approved parts and accessories, which main dealers provide. And, as an additional service, Specialist Cars SEAT also offers extended warranties. These exclusive guarantees will not be found anywhere else other than at main dealerships, which is why selecting Specialist Cars SEAT is the best, and easiest, option to make.

SEAT warranties are either comprehensive or cover a named component of your car. A standard warranty for new cars is for either three, four or five years, with the initial three years (or 60,000 miles) available at no additional cost. An extended warranty is also available for any new SEAT, which can be paid either monthly or annually.

Through servicing your car with main dealers such as Specialist Cars SEAT, you can ensure that your warranty remains valid and that any future repair costs remain at a minimum. Our exclusive offers and guarantees mean that servicing your car with us is the best choice you can make to ensure your car and warranty remains in the best condition.

With dealerships across Scotland, make sure to ring, email or visit Specialist Cars SEAT to book an appointment today.