John Clark MINI would like to invite you out for a day to find some treasure. With the arrival of our new bigger and better third-generation MINI Convertible, we’re celebrating the outgoing model’s enduring appeal with an urban adventure that’s sure to test your problem-solving skills, as well as your powers of navigation.

This exclusive John Clark MINI event will take in some of the city’s key landmarks, and with a colourful convoy of MINIS taking part, will be a memorable spectacle for all involved. All MINIS come with a sense of fun as standard; so don’t let your pride and joy miss out. With cryptic clues and codes to crack to find each destination, your brain will get as good a workout as your car; so there’s no need to do the crossword or Sudoku with breakfast.

Your mission begins from the dealership at 11am, where you will receive your first puzzle and our staff will be assisting along the route to ensure you stand the best chance of hunting down one of the three prizes on offer. At the end of the hunt you’ll be able to relax at the official new MINI Convertible launch party, where you can experience the new model’s premium feel for the first time.

You’ll also find it to be more sophisticated and streamlined, with higher levels of equipment and interactivity on offer; such as an electric folding roof that opens in 20 seconds and a rain-sensing app that means our unpredictable weather will never catch you out again.

So what are you waiting for? Accept our challenge and sign up today.