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Volkswagen's reputation as the people's brand is the basis for its wide range of new vehicles. From nippy hatchbacks and sporty coupes to versatile estates and strong SUVs, there's something to suit every taste and budget.

Work some of that retro style in the quirky new Volkswagen Beetle, or experience the great handling and unmatched agility of one of the Golf models – at Specialist Cars Volkswagen, we have the full range of cars for you to test drive.

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As a stylish and compact city vehicle, the Volkswagen up! is a car to be seen driving. The manufacturer has worked to create a car that is small on the outside and spacious within, offering high levels of comfort and practicality in a stylish shell. The up! is class-leading for its size and its ecological footprint, and sports updated Volkswagen design for the next generation.
Volkswagen has redesigned the Polo to create a stylish and contemporary vehicle, with modern touches accentuating the classic aspects of the design. The family-friendly model range offers increasing levels of modern technology, with each equipment level tailored to appeal to a wider variety of drivers. The entry-level Polo comes with a Composition Colour infotainment system as standard.
The Volkswagen Golf defines itself by way of its athletic and sporty appearance, marking it as unmistakably a Volkswagen vehicle. The look of the car is stylish and streamlined, and comes installed with a high level of technology from Volkswagen as standard. Its visual impact has been brought up-to-date by Volkswagen, combining sports appeal with an aesthetic elegance.
Volkswagen has created the Golf SV with space and headroom as its design philosophy. With a longer vehicle length and increased height and ground clearance compared to the standard Golf, this is a practical hatchback with all the space a family could require from their vehicle. Interior space brings comfort, and the 1,250 litres of luggage space mean that nothing need be left behind when you take a Volkswagen journey.
The Volkswagen Eos is a stylish convertible designed to appeal to any driver who wishes to feel the true thrill of the road. Volkswagen has combined the dynamic power of a coupé with a cabriolet's freedom, in order to provide motorists with the ultimate in driving experiences. The folding hardtop lowers at the push of a button, opening up the world of open-top driving in one easy movement.
The new Volkswagen Scirocco features sporty performance and dynamic handling, creating a vehicle that combines high ambition with the latest in technological achievements. The drive is thrilling and the interior is luxurious, resulting in an exciting combination of comfort and speed which every passenger can enjoy. The Scirocco’s interior features a new sporty dashboard with brushed aluminium instrument surrounds.
Volkswagen has updated the iconic Beetle for the 21st century. The newest incarnation of the Beetle is a sporty and dynamic vehicle, with plenty of options for user customisation. Stylish and modern, the new Volkswagen Beetle is the perfect car to be seen in. The Volkswagen Beetle comes with a wide range of functions and features as standard.
The Volkswagen Jetta is a stylish saloon vehicle that has been made to meet and rise above any challenges the road brings it. It has been specifically redesigned by Volkswagen to be a practical and spacious saloon vehicle, with new front and rear styling increasing its contemporary appeal. Volkswagen has put priority on driving being a smooth and effortless experience with the Jetta, allowing for a more efficient drive than ever before.
The Volkswagen Passat has been designed and produced by master craftsmen at Volkswagen, with the end result being a stylish family car that exudes elegance. The interior has been given a refined design, allowing for high levels of interior comfort. Volkswagen's legendary build quality is instantly visible, marking the car as an innovative addition to the brand's contemporary line-up.
The Volkswagen Passat All Track contains all of the streamlined sophistication of the standard Volkswagen Passat, but transforms it through off-road capability into a rugged estate vehicle. Featuring additional matt chrome effect underbody protection in order to enable more adventurous journeys, the effect can be completed by the option of twin chrome exhaust tailpipes.
The Volkswagen CC represents the pinnacle of Volkswagen's modern design language, providing motorists with a stylish coupé cabriolet vehicle that will command the road with its elegant presence. The interior of the Volkswagen CC has been crafted in order to present the highest level of comfort and wellbeing for the driver and passengers within.
The Volkswagen Touran is a stylish entry to the MPV market, with flexible seating for up to seven people and state-of-the-art technology providing entertainment and information throughout the journey. Combined with the luxurious interior, the Touran creates a smooth and reliable experience in a sporty and exhilarating package.
Volkswagen has opened up a world of possibilities with the Sharan, a practical SUV that offers a premium experience on family journeys. The vehicle has a stylish and modern design, with no compromises when it comes to luxury and reliability. The inner comfort of the Sharan is coupled with sophisticated modern technology, ensuring that every need is effortlessly met.
The Volkswagen Tiguan is a stylish hatchback which offers motorists a premium experience in both urban and rugged off-road situations. Created to be at home in the city and comfortable on roads which are off the beaten track, the Tiguan is the perfect vehicle to rely on for day-to-day use as well as adventures taken on a whim.
The newest Touareg from Volkswagen is a beautifully-crafted stylish SUV that features new and revised features compared to previous models. These include exterior design revisions and a wider range of paint schemes for greater customisation. The streamlined vehicle has been designed for family journeys, ensuring everyone can enjoy comfort and style.
From the first impression, the Volkswagen Phaeton ensures that its luxury is evident. An executive car with boundless style and sophistication, the Phaeton has been hand-crafted by the technicians at Volkswagen. The Phaeton is one of only a few cars worldwide that sees the majority of its manufacture by hand, using only three robots during the entire production process.