New BMW F 800 GS Adventure

New BMW F 800 GS Adventure

New BMW F 800 GS Adventure in Aberdeen & Dundee

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No matter the journey, no matter the distance, the BMW F 800 GS Adventure has been designed for the ultimate adventurer, giving you the tools and support you need to get to your destination – and doing it in style. Durability and reliability are integral the to the F 800 GS Adventure, giving you the confidence to know you can overcome the most rugged of routes and to conquer the voyage off the beaten path.

The parallel twin engine makes the BMW F 800 GS Adventure the perfectly engineered off-road partner. A formidable 83 Nm of torque is generated at 5,750 RPM and 48 hp at 7,000 RPM giving you vast amounts of low rev range strength whilst still capable of achieving higher end top speeds. Of course this motorbike has been aimed at balance with a strong power delivery meaning the gearing, particularly in lower gears, overlap generously giving the rider versatility in different gears when all your focus is needed on the track ahead. A forgiving gearing ratio coupled with lots of torque is further enhanced by the power delivery system which ensures power is consistently available rather than provided in bursts. This helps to maintain balance and traction which are essential to the off-roading experience that the BMW F 800 GS was designed for.

BMW F 800 GS Adventure For Sale

Overall the BMW F 800 GS is agile and easy to control. It has the durability to be put through its paces whilst still being practical enough for day to day usage making it an ideal companion for the adventure enthusiast. The 24 litre fuel tank combined with a highly efficient engines gives you an impressive range allowing you to ride for longer between fuelling stops. The seating is comfortable, with a torsion resistant steel frame for added strength and there is even an Enduro mode which electronically adjusts the suspension to handle poorer road surfaces. All of these features and the integrated ABS as standard help to keep you safe as you leave civilisation behind and explore the world.

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