New BMW S 1000 R

New BMW S 1000 R

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With an incredible power to weight ratio of 1.29 kg per bhp, the 160 bhp inline 4 engine of the BMW S 1000 R gives blistering power and performance with eye watering acceleration reserved for the true followers of motorbike exhilaration. 112 Nm of torque is also on tap at 9,250 RPM with full linear delivery resulting in an unprecedented surge from zero to sixty that is sure to put a smile on your face. Throttle response is sharp and direct, a small twist releases the full strength of the S 1000 R so it is not for the faint of heart. The incredible power should not be feared however, as a huge amount of innovative technology has been integrated to ensure you go from stand still to pure elation safely.

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Dynamic traction control is designed to prevent loss of grip even under hard acceleration working alongside automatic stability control, braking or heavy cornering. Shift assistant allows the rider to change gear without the need for the clutch, making it easier and quicker to climb through the gears towards top speed. A variety of riding modes are available with the sport package including Rain, Road, + Dynamic and Dynamic Pro, all of which have been individually setup and calibrated to provide the optimum operation levels for peak performance. Digital suspension works in tandem with all riding aids and the on board computer system to maintain ride quality, keeping it comfortable when cruising but firm enough when riding more aggressively, allowing you to feel every bend and corner.

With half fairings and no wind breaker, this ambitious roadster has a sport appearance that's been designed with simplicity in mind – keeping all aspects minimal to not take away from the riding experience itself. Twin headlights at the front give the S 1000 R an aggressive demeanour and a low centre of gravity, with the nose positioned lower than the tail further enhances the performance DNA at the its heart. The minimalist fairings incorporate dynamic vents helping to improve air flow and cooling whilst also making the bike look like its tearing under speed. LED indicators add another flourish of modern styling and contrasting colours throughout provide a vibrant look that matches the thrilling engineering underneath.

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