New BMW R nineT

New BMW R nineT

New BMW R nineT in Aberdeen & Dundee

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Pure riding is the principal philosophy at the heart of the BMW R nineT. Simplicity and purity are integral to this motorbike, paying homage to its 90 year history with a familiar look and feel that's been hugely successful for many years. Remaining true to form, the R nineT has a classic look that still retains its Motorrad familiarity. A single front headlight maintains the characteristic roadster look, with a naked design allowing all to see the carefully crafted engine that's integral to this phenomenal machine. Traditional handle bars and mirrors remain stylish, highlighting the minimal priority and the aim at reducing all distractions so that the riding itself can be enjoyed – pure and simple. On the road the R nineT has a proud stature with a versatile ride height making it suitable for both shorter and taller riders. It's surprisingly agile too, although the full loaded weight is not aimed at the light weight market place, the chassis and engine position have been engineering to allow for quick changes in direction and angle giving a fun, nimble riding experience, enhancing precision riding making day to day activities like filtering seem hugely enjoyable.

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On board the seating position is comfortable. Although not as upright as a touring bike, being a roadster means that you have a more dynamic position with a gentle incline towards the front making your own body weight more integral to the riding process but not so much as to put weight and pressure on your wrists meaning the R nineT is comfy even on longer journeys or whilst maintaining slow speed control around town. Dual disc brakes and four piston radial calipers mean there's plenty of stopping power with ABS also available for additional safety. The suspension setup has been crafted to adapt to ever changing conditions and speed. An upside down front fork works in conjunction with BMW Motorrad Paralever suspension at the rear resulting in a firm ride quality that is forgiving at slower speeds once again making the R nineT versatile for riders who are looking for a sharp bike that's capable of commuting.

Despite its classic looks, there are subtle indicators of the innovative technology that sits beneath the skin such as the fully integrated multifunction display, proving that remaining nostalgic does not mean you can't indulge the 21st century. There are also a wide range of customisable features on the BMW R nineT such as a removable rear frame. With such a selection of modifications options, creating a motorbike as unique as you is simple but the technology and engineering which comes as standard ensures a consistently enjoyable time on the road.

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