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Carefully integrating features of a tourer, enduro and sports bike, the BMW S 1000 XR provides a versatile, all round experience for any rider wanting to enjoy all roads of life. An up right enduro seating position gives the rider an elevated view of the road around whilst also ensuring comfort and minimal strain over longer distances or rougher terrains. On top of this the sleek styling and half fairings bring a sports bike feel to the S 1000 XR which builds on top of the 160 bhp engine that provides all the power necessary for memorable acceleration and a pleasing surge through the bends. The front headlights make it clear it's part of the BMW family, with sporty flares throughout the chassis to provide dynamic styling that matches the punchy personality of the S 1000 XR.

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This motorbike also has an adventure feel about it, with 112 Nm of torque available at 9,250 RPM giving you plenty of low end grunt, ideal for maintaining balance and control over terrain that's less than smooth. The gearing has been tuned to match so that there is lots of versatility and overlap in the rev ranges making it easier for the rider to control the bike at a variety of speeds, with a lot of forgiveness making it ideal for less experienced riders. There's still plenty of finesse though, with a variety of rider aids available such as Shift Assist Pro which minimises clutch usage and also makes gear changes quicker and simpler. Dynamic Stability and electronic suspension controls provides optimum bike operation to match the road and surface you're on for maximum grip and stability, working in tandem with the innovative suspension setup that ensures a comfortable yet responsive riding experience.

Additional features include integrated ABS braking for improved stopping performance and safety as well as additional Pro riding modes that give the rider additional riding dynamics and controls for a more immersive journey. The BMW S 1000 XR offers a unique design and riding dynamic that makes it unforgettable. Taking the best of different motorbike genres, you have an all-rounder that's capable of making the hairs on your arm stand up, with exciting power delivery and engaging handling, the up-right seating position provides comfort and support to both rider and pillion whilst still keeping you engaged in the journey.

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