We are delighted to announce that we have established a two year partnership with The ARCHIE Foundation as the new main charity partner of the John Clark Motor Group.

The ARCHIE Foundation is a charity making the difference for sick children in Grampian, the Northern Isles, Tayside & Fife.

They work with the NHS to provide all the 'extras' that really do transform a sick child's time in hospital and even improve their health.

  • Those extras can include:Specialist equipment that allows a child to be treated in or near their own home
  • Highly trained specialists who can bring additional skills to the local area
  • Funding research into illnesses affecting children in the North of Scotland

Archie Foundation John Clark Motor Group Partner

They always have a focus on local children & they do everything they can to improve their experience during periods of serious illness.

Their current focus is on improving the facilities at The Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, which is over 10 years old & will have cared for over a million children & their families since opening in January 2004.

One of the priorities that The ARCHIE Foundation have identified which needs to be addressed is the Outpatient Area. We have agreed to raise funds to redecorate & refurbish to make it a much more child friendly environment. This area of the Hospital will see over 1,000 children who are 16 or below pass through it's doors in one week alone.