"Everyone has the best of intentions when they start a new venture. This was very much the case with Project Norseman 2014, however as so often happens, life can change the best laid plans. 2014 turned out to be a major transition year for me leaving my full time job as a scientist in April, starting full time as a triathlon coach and then selling up in Dundee and buying a new house in Inverness in June. So while many envied my full time athletic career, few realised behind the scenes was total chaos."

"This is nothing new for us though and I got fitter than ever and despite problems with injury (torn tibias anterior) and illness finished 6th at Norseman 2014 and led the race for many hours before the lingering virus I was carrying got the better of me. I spent the rest of the year getting healthy but did win some local races and picked up the team prize at the Scottish Relay championships along the way."

"Clearly athletically 2014 was a huge disappointment but also a huge learning experience and opportunity to decide what I wanted to do with my remaining time as a competitive triathlete. What was apparent to me was the huge scope for improvement over this performance. Not just given better luck with injury and illness but by really focussing on my weakness."

"So the goal is Norseman 2015, we are settled in Inverness and this time it is my last. How can I ensure that I will deliver a better result? Firstly I am starting with the basics, things we can all do better, diet, sleep and training time. It will surprise most people to hear that these are my main limiters when it comes to effective training but I hope to update you on more specifics in future posts."

"After addressing these core areas of my training life I am making sure I’m training more, harder and more effectively than before and the numbers support that. Training volume and load is up 25% on 2014 with key sessions targeting swim strength, maintaining bike form and developing my running."

"While in the grand scheme of things I am probably a weaker swimmer and have previously focussed on this intensively in the winter, I ultimately lost Norseman 2014, on the run, so my current winter focus is on developing as a runner with up to 11 demanding run sessions per week at the moment."

"My favourite training days start with an early run, treadmill speed work before an afternoon nap then finishing with a hard build run or intervals and a recovery swim. I like to track progress on these sessions as my heart rate drops on the run I know it is getting closer to target race pace!"

"I’m looking forward to keeping you up to date with my progress and also sharing some of my fitness secrets along the way which anyone can benefit from."

- Graeme Stewart