Protective Measures

Here at The John Clark Motor Group, we have a number of procedures in place to safeguard our customers when they are doing business with us and ensure our colleagues feel comfortable and confident whilst at work.

Our goal continues to be to offer a great customer experience while looking after our customers and staff. We have always run a personable and customer focused business which we strive to maintain but in order to ensure our colleagues feel comfortable being at work and you feel assured doing business with us, we have added more new sales and service processes and options as part of our Protective Measures.

When purchasing a new or used vehicle from The John Clark Motor Group we continue to offer a fully online buying experience, a personal home delivery service, unaccompanied test drives on available models and a thorough valeting process for all of our vehicles.

So what else is on offer?

Customer Care Handover


  • Sanitisation programme for all vehicles
  • Trained all staff to ensure they know how to protect themselves and our customers when on site
  • Sanitisation and handwashing points available throughout facilities

Contactless Dealer & Customer Processes

  • Offering on line buying at
  • Designed contactless programmes for customers who wish to use them
  • Offering home delivery 24 hour test drives which will be unaccompanied
  • Encouraging card only payment over the telephone
  • Offering virtual sales appointments
  • Live Videos of vehicle and when required
Customer Handover