BMW Proactive Care.

There before you need us.

BMW Service with Proactive Care is our service promise to detect and inform you about all maintenance requirements or function failures in your BMW at an early stage – to give you the best possible care. Sensors in the vehicle automatically detect the need for a service or possible function failures and transmit them directly to BMW. We will then proactively contact you by a push notification in the My BMW app, email or by sending a message directly to your vehicle. In urgent cases, you will receive a phone call. If work is required, you will always be aware of the scope of the work carried out, the cost and probable delivery date.

Benefits of BMW Service with Proactive Care.

You’ll receive proactive, individual support should a fault be detected, when your service is due, if you break down or have an accident. We offer the best solution for you and your BMW. #StayAhead and enjoy the benefits of BMW Service with Proactive Care.

  • Proactive
  • Convenient
  • Transparent
  • Professional
  • Free of Charge
BMW Proactive Care

​How It Works

Sensors in the vehicle detect service requirements or possible faults at an early stage and transmit them to BMW. We will then proactively contact you via the My BMW app, directly in the vehicle or via email. In urgent cases, you will receive a phone call.

We want to provide proactive care every day and optimum support every day. 

Very busy people might occasionally forget their routine service. We will remind you! If a brake service is due, you'll receive a notification from us, so that you can arrange a service at your convenience. If you break down or are in an accident, you'll get fast, expert support from our BMW Roadside Assistance team.


Your checklist for Proactive Care services:

  • Active BMW ConnectedDrive account for your BMW
  • A vehicle assigned to your BMW ID, either in the My BMW app or on the My BMW portal
  • Your personal data registered under your BMW ID, with your current phone number, email address, and preferred BMW Service Partner

To enable us to contact you, please consent to the Privacy Policy in the vehicle, and communication from your BMW Service Partner or BMW AG. To make contact even easier, simply enable push notifications in the My BMW app.

Why do I have to update my details for Proactive Care?

We need your current contact details to ensure that you benefit from all the advantages of Proactive Care. That way, we can contact you when we need to. Please also make sure that you have consented to our use of your data and that your BMW is registered to your ConnectedDrive account. This is the only way we can offer you comprehensive and tailor-made support.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are unsure about your current consents. Either enquire online below or give us a call at your local retailer:

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