BMW M6 Convertible

BMW M6 Convertible

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No matter how you look at the BMW M6 Convertible, every angle delivers a truly remarkable appearance which perfectly mirrors the outstanding power and performance underneath. The result is a high performance sports car built on extensive engineering and craftsmanship that has been perfected over many years, giving you the ultimate driving experience no matter the situation ahead. Being an M car, the exterior styling has been updated to match the awe-inspiring performance capabilities of the M6 Convertible. Although it follows a very similar shape to the standard 6 Series, the M6 Convertible has a much more aggressive profile, with intimidating features such as dual tip twin exhausts with a body kit that has numerous sharp edges to give a sense of cutting through the air even when stationary. Large 5 spoke alloy wheels and low profile tyres accentuate the sporty side skirts, with flared wheel arches providing a wide and muscular profile as testament to the handling capabilities of this incredible performance convertible.

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Blistering performance is at the heart of all BMW M cars and the M6 Convertible is no exception. The TwinPower Turbo V8 engine sounds as good as it drives, with a deep, rumbling note which only gets better as you increase through the rev range. A seven speed M double clutch transmission allows for smooth power delivery even under aggressive driving conditions and is further enhanced with Drivelogic technology which is designed to provide maximum traction throughout your journey. Gear changes can be made rapidly with the double clutch transmission, which allows for an overlap of gears with one clutch disengaging as the next comes into play to reduce any lost acceleration between gears. A variety of driving profiles are also available such as sport mode which increases the dynamics of the engine and transmission even more for the pinnacle of performance driving.

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