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Lighter, safer and more innovative, the latest-generation Peugeot Expert is the ideal choice for any type of job. Built on the latest Peugeot modular platform, it is available in a wide range of flexible body styles, so you can choose the ideal design for your business needs.

The Expert Panel Van offers generous load capacities and is designed to respond to a wide variety of requirements, available in Compact, Standard and Long versions. An overall height of only 1.90m* makes it ideal for slipping into the majority of city car parks.

The Expert Crew Van seats up to 6 people while still offering an impressive 4m3 of storage space. The space under the passenger seat is cleverly adapted to allow up to 2.3 m long at floor level.

The Expert Platform Cab provides a flexible base for conversion opportunities and can be adapted for specialist business uses.

Lastly, the Expert Combi is the robust and flexible people-carrier that can seat up to 9 people and offers up to 6m3 of loadspace when all seats are folded down.

New Peugeot Expert at Clark Commercials in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh
New Peugeot Expert at Clark Commercials in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh


The elegant, yet robust design of the Peugeot Expert projects true professionalism at first glance. Carefully sculpted with sleek, aerodynamic body lines and striking contours, it conveys the right image for your business.

The elevated vertical grille accentuates the Expert's commanding presence while the modern LED light signature steals attention and makes you stand out on the road.

Designed for convenience, the hands-free sliding doors can be easily opened or closed with your hands full. Simply swipe your foot below the corner of the rear bumper and the doors will spring to life, leaving you to load and unload with ease.

The flexible Moduwork* passenger bench provides convenient load space for the transportation of long, narrow objects. Fold the outer passenger seat upwards and discover up to 4m of load length on the flat floor.

Turn the cabin of your Peugeot Expert into your office on wheels. The central arm rest can be lowered to reveal a pivoting table with elastic retainers for securing tablets or laptops. You'll never need to put off catching up with work while you are on the road.


Innovation and engineering excellence have been built into every aspect of the Peugeot Expert's range of latest-generation BlueHDi diesel engines.

Complying with Euro 6 standards, they offer unparalleled fuel economy and low CO2 emissions as well as a driving experience that is rich in power and performance.

The Peugeot Expert also comes with all the benefits of being built on the Efficient Modular Platform 2. The new lightweight platform enables best-in-class CO2 emissions and fuel consumption as well as improved handling and road stability.

Inside the cabin, you'll find a wealth of state-of-the-art technology to keep you connected and entertained while on the road. The voice-controlled 3D Connect Nav system allows you to control your destination and provides real-time traffic information with TomTom Traffic.

Peugeot Mirror Screen allows you to utilise compatible mobile apps through the integrated 7" colour touchscreen. Simply connect your smartphone via USB to control calls, music and navigation without having to look at your phone.

New Peugeot Expert at Clark Commercials in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh


Peugeot understand that you and your passenger's safety is priority number one. That's why a host of intuitive driver assistance features have been built into the Peugeot Expert.

Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation uses the multi-function camera to analyse speed limit signs and displays this information in your vehicle Head-Up Display. This allows you to adjust your speed accordingly and can even be set as your Adaptive Cruise Control Speed.

Using a front mounted sensor to adapt your speed to the vehicle's in front, cruise control is especially useful in changeable traffic conditions.

Active City Brake detects potential collisions and automatically applies your braking. This can help avoid harmful accidents at speeds up to 18 mph and significantly reduce impacts at higher speeds.

Lane Departure Warning System uses a windscreen-mounted sensor to detect when you are unintentionally straying out of your lane and alerts you to to correct this.

Blind Spot Detection uses 4 sensors located in the front and rear bumpers to alert you to vehicles approaching within your blind spot on the left and right hand side.


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