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Spider Bug, Spider Bug, does whatever a Spider Bug does… wait a minute, just what exactly does a Spider Bug do?? Based on the spooky looks of these long-legged Bug beasties made from metal pipes and recycled Volkswagen Beetles, we’re guessing anything they want! 

That’s no “visual distraction” just off Hwy 77 near Lexington, Oklahoma (below)… well actually, it is, and a BIG one to boot! And so what if it only has six legs; you know what they say about wounded animals. The story goes that the Spider Bug sculpture stands on the side lot of a Volkswagen graveyard and at one point in the past it overlooked a small auto racecourse that’s long since been reclaimed by weeds and scrub.

This David Fambrough masterpiece (below) was originally located in downtown Reno, NV, on the roof of an old fire station that was upcycled as a homeless shelter. Oddly enough (or maybe not, if you’re from Reno), the sculpture was the city’s first piece of public art. In 2008, however, with the building sold and the new owners unwilling to maintain the rusting Spider Bug, the Reno Arts & Culture Commission voted to return the sculpture to Fambrough while recommending he offer it to Scudders VW Performance Specialists in nearby Sparks.


It seems there wasn’t a roof in Reno sturdy enough to bear the weight of the Spider Bug, and Scudders was ready and willing to do whatever restoration work was necessary to the circa-1979 sculpture. As for Fambough, he couldn’t be happier. “Putting this on top of your business…” he said, “talk about all the advertising in the world.”

The Swetsville Zoo isn’t a “zoo” per se, unless one uses their imagination a bit. Created over a roughly ten-year span (1985-95) by former farmer Bill Swets, the Fort Collins, CO landmark features a mirthful metal menagerie built by Swets from old auto parts, disused farm machinery and scrap metal.


So keep a look out for some of these creepy creatures next time your out and about!

Check out more pictures here.

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