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There is a solution for every business we are here to help you find the right one. The below highlights a few examples with a brief overview of what is available.

For more details simply contact our Local Business Development Managers [LBDM] in Aberdeen [Pamela Wood] & Dundee [Rob Glassey] for more details. We will be delighted to introduce you to our Audi Business and Fleet Packages.

Personal Contract Hire:

This is one of the most popular means of funding a new car if you looking for a simple and clear method of funding or you want to 'opt-out' of a company car scheme. Personal Contract Hire is available on the majority of new car offers however, we would advise you speak to a member of our team to check availability. Remember, the full and current rate of VAT will be applicable.

Contract Hire:

Your business or company may prefer this option if you want to hire rather than own the vehicle. Contract Hire is available with payments over a set term be it one, two, three or four years. The beauty of this options is that it enables you to select and drive your Audi without having to consider the resale or residual value of the car at the end of the term. With the majority of business and companies there is also the extra benefit of being able to claim back the VAT on the rentals.

Finance Lease:

Most businesses nowadays are VAT registered and there may be a good case and for financial reasons why leasing is the best option for you. Our Local Business Development Managers are highly experienced in this area and are the ideal source of information when it comes to advice on Finance Lease Options.

Lease Purchase:

Audi Lease purchases are available for period's of one, two, three and four years. This enables you to delay payment for some our your car's cost until the end of the agreement term. You also benefit from manageable, low monthly payments which really does suit many of today's business, busy lifestyles. At the end of the Lease Purchase agreement you are offered the option to purchase the car you have been driving.

And finally - Maintenance Packages:

Something to think about whichever finance option you decide on. There are options for Tyre Cover - Maintenance & Service [either separately or as part of a package]. These options will give you sound peace of mind for the duration you have your car knowing 'cover' is in place should you need it. Terms & Conditions with all maintenance packages apply but please do speak to our Local Business Development Managers to find out more. The cover will not apply to wear and tear items but all information is available upon request