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Want to keep your car in the best condition?

We advise that your air-conditioning system is serviced on a regular basis to ensure it is working as effectively as possible. With the summer heatwave only round the corner, we recommend checking that your Audi's air conditioning is running at its maximum efficiency.

With our trained Audi technicians we can ensure that your air conditioning unit is working at its best and for only £39.99!

John Clark Audi Air Conditioning

Why have your Air conditioning serviced?

Year on year your car can lose a small percentage of gas which can make your system less able to keep you cool and refreshed.

Your Air conditioning service could potentially fail if not regularly serviced, which would mean you would need to replace certain parts. Also, regular servicing helps to keep bacteria and odours at bay.

An air conditioning servicing involves:

  • Draining and re-charging system
  • Checking hoses, filters, belts and connections
  • Making sure the compressor and condenser are working efficiently
  • Using an ultrasonic anti-bacterial and odour treatment - to eliminate microbial, fungal and bacterial contamination

So you can ensure for long summer drives you will be cool and relaxed.

For more details about this service please contact your local Audi Centre:

Aberdeen Audi : 01224 452898

Dundee Audi : 01382 721112