If your Audi is over three years old, you can service it for a fixed price at Aberdeen Audi and Dundee Audi.

Why should you service your Audi?

​Regularly servicing your Audi ensures it stays in top condition and keeps it running reliably and efficiently. Without regular checks, problems may go unnoticed which could result in increased repair costs.

Getting your Audi serviced means you'll get a stamp in your service book, which can benefit your car's value if you want to sell it in the future.

How often you get your Audi serviced depends on your driving style and the service schedule you use. Audi offer two service schedules; the Fixed Service schedule and the Flexible Service schedule.

Here is our range of pricing on our all our servicing -


Interim Service


Major Service





Front Wiper Blades


Air Conditioning Service


Cam Belt


Cam Belt & Water Pump


Clutch [non-quattro]


Clutch [quattro]


S-Tronic Transmission Oil & Filter Change


Multitronic Transmission Oil Change


Brake Fluid Change


Brakes [excluding ceramic brakes]

Brake Pads [rear]


Brake Pads [front]


Brake Pads & Discs [rear]


Brake Pads & Discs [front]


Unscheduled Maintenance

Investigate an issue with my car


Audi Dealer Fixed Price Servicing

Whats included in your service?

Interim ServiceMajor Service
Fluid levels check
Exterior and under body visual check
Interior and electrics inspection
Written condition report
Audi service history stamp/record
Oil filter replacement
Engine oil replacement
Fuel filter replacement (diesel engines)
Spark plug replacement (petrol engines)
Vehicle road test

For more details about our Pricing contact our Service Teams in Aberdeen & Dundee.

Aberdeen Audi: 01224 947 107

Dundee Audi: 01382 281 001