Audi New Car Warranty

When you buy a new Audi car you will have the option of a three, four or five year warranty.

3 Year Warranty: Up to 60,000 miles

4 Year Warranty: From £235 (A1) - £1,035 (R8) / Up to 75,000 miles

5 Year Warranty: From £500 (A1) - £2,555 (R9) / Up to 90,000 miles

The warranties are designed to provide cover for a whole range of mechanical and electrical components, ensuring your complete peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Worried about losing out if you sell before the warranty expires? Fear not, an Audi new car warranty can be easily transferred with your car should you decide to sell before the warranty ends.

Range 3 year Audi warranty 4 year Audi warranty 5 year Audi warranty
A1 No charge £235 £500
A3 No charge £245 £545
A4 No charge £385 £905
A5 No charge £535 £1,255
A6 No charge £560 £1,355
A7 No charge £730 £1,750
A8 No charge £1,035 £2,555
Q3 No charge £325 £745
Q5 No charge £535 £1,255
Q7 No charge £560 £1,335
R8 No charge £1,035 £2,555
TT No charge £385 £905


If during its warranty period your Audi shows any defects in manufacture or workmanship please contact us immediately. Our specialist Audi trained technicians will be able to carry out the necessary work, free of charge.

The warranty is not affected by a change of ownership of the vehicle and should parts need replaced, these will also be covered for the remainder of the vehicle's warranty.

Your new Audi will be covered by either our three, four or five year warranties if:

  • The vehicle has not exceeded the stated mileage
  • The vehicle was imported by Audi UK and supplied through the United Kingdom Audi authorised network

And when the warranty is finished? We will always have you covered with excellent options for extended warranties on existing cars.