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Testing your car's capabilities and taking advantage of its smooth performance and reliability on the road will naturally lead to vehicle wear and tear over time. It's common to need to replace items such as brake pads, light bulbs, tyres and more on a regular basis. Source these from a main dealer to receive the best genuine Audi parts.

With each one made to fit the model it's designed and carefully crafted for, you can be certain the items you select will work exactly as expected. Parts from unauthorised sources may not perform at the high Audi standards you demand – and could ultimately harm your vehicle and drive up fuel and service costs in future.

The use of unapproved parts is also likely to render your Audi warranty invalid, leaving you open to higher prices at your next servicing appointment. Choose a main dealer to benefit from both authenticity and exclusive manufacturer discounts. Should you wish to sell the car, being able to prove that only genuine parts have ever been fitted will enable you to command a higher price for the vehicle.

All of these reasons make it vital to come to John Clark Audi for parts and expert fitting. As a main dealer, we only use genuine items, and we keep many of them in stock for added convenience. Contact us to purchase brake pads and wiper blades, storage solutions, mudguards and floor mats, and many more official parts.

Drivers throughout Scotland can find a variety of genuine Audi parts, items and accessories at both of our John Clark Audi locations in Dundee and Aberdeen. Enquire online to find out what's in stock, call the team or pay a visit to either dealership.