What is BMW xDrive?

In a world of confusing jargon and rapidly advancing technology, let John Clark BMW explain the BMW All Wheel Drive, xDrive system.

Firstly don’t confuse all-wheel drive with Four Wheel Drive. The BMW all-wheel drive system xDrive is always on, using electronic sensors to determine where to send the power and to vary the power between the front and back axles. Four Wheel Drive is never electronic and usually requires the driver to flip a switch or pull a lever to engage it and then all 4 wheels will turn at the same time.

If the car detects the wheels slipping, xDrive reacts in a tenth of a second to redistribute power to the axle (the central shaft fixed to the wheels to make them rotate) with the most grip. Clever right!?!

BMW xDrive ** ALL WHEEL DRIVE ** is the right choice in Scotland with the adverse weather and an average of 150 days of rain per year. The car will do all the thinking and hard work for you, leaving you to enjoy the drive in an unparalleled car with technology years beyond its competitors.

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