VSA and Cornerstone Partnership Comes to an End​​

VSA and Cornerstone logos centred in a heart made from people's hands

John Clark Motor Group has proudly supported two charities for the last two and a half years: Cornerstone and VSA.

VSA has supported well over 21,000 individuals and offered more than 17,000 volunteer hours. They are a local charity to Aberdeen and have over 150 years of experiencing providing vital care for individuals with physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing challenges. They offer 40 different health and social care services such as residential services and community outreach programmes. Their overall mission is: "To provide the best of care to enable the best of lives; supporting individuals and communities to fulfil their potential."

Cornerstone is a truly marvellous charity that has over 40 years’ experience providing outstanding care and support to those that need it. They offer a range of services to individuals that require additional help including learning and physical disabilities, autism and dementia and ensure that they can live a valued life. A life they choose to live. Their team of carers help all ages, and their services are extremely broad but can include children play schemes, community support, self-directed support, fostering and supported living to name a few.

Our teams across the business rose to the challenge of supporting Cornerstone and VSA from the very beginning of our collaboration during the various Covid lockdowns and all the uncertainty that came with them.

Across the two and a half year period that we have worked together our teams have held bake sales, taken part in charity golf days at Meldrum House and Gleneagles, worn their Christmas jumpers to work, undertaken 5km and 10km runs, and tackled the Banchory Beast race! Individuals have gone above and beyond for our partners including Craig Watson from our IT Team who ran the London Marathon!

We also want to thank the families and friends of our colleagues who supported them in their endeavours and all our customers who wished us good luck, donated their own money, shared their own stories, and followed our journey with our partners over the last two and a half years.

As we come to the end of our partnership with these two incredible charities, we are happy to announce that we have been able to donate a total of £34,891.93 to Cornerstone and £81,917.29 to VSA.

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Our Company Values
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