FAQs – The Stop/Start System

FAQs: The Stop/Start System

If you have ever been confused or unsure about the Stop/Start system on your vehicle, we have put together this handy list of FAQs to put your mind at ease.

1.What is the Stop/Start System?

The Stop/Start System in your vehicle is designed to completely bring your engine to a stop when you’ve come to a temporary standstill (e.g. in heavy, slow moving traffic) & then it reactivates your engine when you are ready to get moving again.

In essence, it is designed to prevent unnecessary fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and noise during a journey, saving you money & helping to protect the environment.

2. When will it activate?

Your Stop/Start system will only be activated when all the required parameters are met. The exact parameters can differ so please consult your owner manual for further reference.

You should be aware that your engine might restart when waiting at traffic lights, even before you have put your foot down on the clutch

3. What happens if there is a problem with the System?

If there is a fault with the stop/start system on your vehicle, you will see a message stating ‘Stop/Start System Fault‘.

4. Are there any circumstances where the System would not work/operate?

The Stop/Start System on your vehicle will not operate if:

  • the engine coolant temp is low
  • battery capacity is not at its optimum
  • battery temperature is high or low
  • power consumption is high
  • the heated rear window is on
  • the front defogger switch is on

You should however, still be able to operate your air conditioning when the Stop/Start is operating but again this may differ from vehicle to vehicle so consult the owner manual to be sure.  Don’t worry if your system doesn’t always activate.

5. Will the Stop/Start System work the same for every journey?

No.  While the system will engage automatically at the start of every journey, it wont always operate exactly the same for every journey.  See above for some examples of when it will not work.

6. Can I turn off my Stop/Start System?

Yes, you can turn off the Stop/Start System on your vehicle if you want to.  Please consult your owners manual for further reference.

These are just answers to some questions we have been asked but if you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.