With the launch of the BMW 7 Series came non-contact gesture recognition that allowed the user to control the BMW iDrive system with the wave of a hand or pinch of a finger. In order to make the interaction with the vehicle as intuitive as possible, all functions can be controlled using touch-sensitive surfaces, gestures and voice.

Our customer Peter Macari gives us his feedback on the new BMW 7 Series controls.

“Gesture control has been found extremely useful especially in taking or declining phone calls. I can glance at the screen and identify the caller and then with a movement of my left hand accept of refuse the call. I also use gesture control to increase both the volume on in car entertainment and of course phone calls.

Of particular importance as far as safety is concerned is that I can gesture in order to move cameras when in a tight area for turning. Also by using the I Drive I can set up personal had signals to change radio station. This is of benefit because regional accents often confuse the voice control software.

In conclusion these all add to safer driving and a more relaxed driving experience.”