Graeme Stewart Update – June 2015

Graeme Stewart is one of Scotland’s top triathletes & is proudly sponsored by John Clark BMW. Here’s his latest guest blog update as preparations continue for the NXTRI Extreme Norseman Triathlon in August:

It’s funny how time passes with such silent inevitability. One day you’re making New Year resolutions & sweeping snow off the driveway. The next day, you’re opening Easter eggs and unfortunately still sweeping snow off the driveway.

I’m now more than half way through my Norseman Xtreme triathlon preparation and the event which was once a dream, is starting to loom on the horizon.

I had three very tough months of winter training here in Inverness, always making sure I was progressing from week to week. Then in April I took a break from training and took my “G-squad” training camp in Calella, Spain and the European Ironman Training Centre. This was also a great opportunity for me to get some sun & enjoy riding my bike outdoors at last & it was a huge success again.

From 12 weeks out, I hit the biggest toughest block of training I’ve ever done. With over 30 hours per week of intense training, pushing my fitness to new heights and I have little time for much else. I am also now utilising the latest in technology, sports science and nutrition to optimise my performance. The appearance of the altitude tent in the house made my long-suffering wife sigh yet again.

As I am now taking an easier week with only 3 hours training per day I have time to write and catch up with other work. Not for long however as I have altitude training in Switzerland, then on to Norway where I will be racing in Hove, Norway’s second largest race after Olso.

I’m looking forward to bringing you a further video update from Norway to fill you in on the final weeks racing and preparation.

As always a massive thanks to John Clark motor group for making so much of this possible as well as my other sponsor for providing the equipment and nutrition I rely on.

When you only have one chance its important to make the most of it!” – Graeme