The inclusion of the Mini Heads Up Display means that drivers can avoid being distracted by having relevant information projected onto the windscreen in front of them. Our Mini Sales Executive tells us what it is like to drive while using the Heads Up Display.

“You think it is going to be more distracting” begins Darryl who drove the Mini Coupe with the Heads Up Display installed “but actually it is incredibly helpful and intuitive once you get used to it.

I chose to see my speed limit, my navigation and included the pedestrian recognition so that I could react quicker to pedestrians crossing in front of the vehicle. Throughout the drive I felt more in control of my speed and safety because I could see this information at all times.

I also decided to hook up my smartphone so that I could see any messages that came through which made me far less tempted to reach down and check my phone while I was driving.

Overall I was delighted with the display; it was really easy to read after I adjusted it slightly to compensate for my colour vision!