An all-new model of the SEAT Ibiza is expected to be revealed in mid-2017 featuring a Leon inspired hybrid. The new car combines style with high class driving dynamics, but you can clearly see the influence of the Leon in the front profile of the car.

The SEAT Chairman said “The need for revolutions at SEAT is over. We’ve found our path and we know where we’re going. Our design DNA is clearly laid out and the recipe for any future car [including the Ibiza] will follow a formula – what we call ‘Leon-ising’ the brand.”

The design has taken a significant leap from the fourth generation SEAT due to market demand. The new design will now underpin future models having a more precise finish with an X Shaped design.​

New technology will also help the new Ibiza to thrive. The design boss Alejandro Mesonero describes the new Ibiza as: “The driving force is the new platform kit; we’ll focus on design, quality fell and technology. Technology meets creativity, the car may change but the spirit will stay the same.” Bosses have also hinted that the new model may experiment with alternative power sources like fully electric drivetrains. Small cars are seen as the perfect opportunity to combine hybrid and electric.

The SEAT Ibiza is expected to exceed expectations when it arrives next year. It is expected to rival the likes of Nissan Juke’s and Ford Fiestas. SEAT’s new SUV is set to be out first in 2017, so currently no date is set for the Ibiza but excitement for the new model is looming. For more information or to keep up to date with the latset SEAT news, please visit Specialist Cars SEAT

Source: Auto Express