With The release of the BMW Ultimate Athlete, the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo just in time for the Rio 2016 Olympics, we have asked our own sports enthusiast at John Clark BMW what the added leg and boot space means to him.

Training Manager Colin McAllister tells us what is in the boot of his New BMW 3 Series GT today.

“As the Training Manager I am always traveling to host training courses and meet new team members at John Clark BMW, therefore I will always have four training lap tops and a full training phone system in my boot, the secure hatchback crossover boot and electric tailgate give me confidence that my equipment will always be safe and secure. Now for the fun part, as a keen Martial Arts and Krav Maga practitioner my car is always packed with my equipment, the BMW 3GT currently hold my focus pads and kick shields, two Escrima fighting sticks, two sets of Muay Thai pads and a 65 litre sports kit bag, this is safely hidden away in the boot along with my Training Management Equipment, leaving me no excuses to remain fit and focused.”

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