BMW Finance for Business Users

John Clark BMW

At John Clark BMW we understand that everybody has different financial requirements which is why we offer a range of finance plans to suit your businesses requirements.

Business Users

* BMW Select – A simple choice that is flexible to your needs. It is a great choice for those interested in keeping your end of agreement options open.

* BMW Hire Purchase – Spread your car payments over a period of time that suits you. This enables your business to invest funds in other important areas.

* BMW Lease Purchase – Similar to Hire Purchase, however the regular payments are lower because a 'Lump Sum Final Payment' is deferred until the end of the agreement.

* BMW Contact Hire – An ideal solution for those looking to run their BMW in a way that cuts down on expenses, time and paperwork. There is also the option of paying an additional fee to cover maintenance packages.

* BMW Leasing – There are two types of leasing agreements available: Full Payout and Balloon. Both agreements offer fixed regular rentals throughout the agreement.

For more information about any of our finance packages contact a member of our team today at John Clark BMW Aberdeen orJohn Clark BMW Tayside.