“From the cars of today we gather raw materials for the cars of tomorrow”

BMW Group has highlighted that the circular economy is going to play a key role in the future of the automotive industry by conserving resources and reducing carbon emissions.

Their vehicles are already made with up to 30% recycled and reused materials on average and they are working to continue to increase this across the range. The raw materials that do have to be brought in come from responsible sources and are either processed carbon-free or at least low in carbon and highly recyclable.

BMW are also working to increase the recycled materials that make up the plastic components in their models. It already makes up 20% of the thermoplastic components in a new vehicle but some plastic parts are already made from 100% secondary materials. This is paired with the addition of new polyurethane materials for seats and interior surfaces and vegan options that have no methane gas production, no water waste, and a huge saving on CO2.