Living with the BMW 330e M Sport Plug-in Hybrid.

The desire to explore never changes, but how we do it definitely does. And that’s exactly how BMW sees its latest range of Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles – simply as the next step in how we take adventures. The only question is – how do you want your next Ultimate Driving Machine, full electric or plug-in hybrid?

We asked our Local Business Development Manager, Alana Campbell, to give us her views on driving the sporty BMW 330e M Sport Plug-in Hybrid:

"New demo day is one of the "working in the car industry" treats so why was I apprehensive of my new BMW 330e M Sport Hybrid? The usual PHEV concerns - Range, Charging Points, Performance and Image.

How wrong was I to have had my doubts though. After a month of living with my Hybrid here are some of things I have found out:

BIK - Which we all know is a huge thing for company car drivers so I am currently saving £200 per month compared to my previous 320d (11% BIK vs 28%) what a difference.

PERFORMANCE - With the BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine and electric motor it has a combined 292hp... this car is quick!

MPG - I am currently sitting at 94.7 MPG (I know this will obviously differ with driving style, but still - wow)!

CHARGING - BMW Sat Nav highlights the available charging points and cleverly calculates your journey in accordance with efficiency. Also, the BMW App keeps you updated on your charging status.

IMAGE - Well, the images speak for themselves!"

At John Clark BMW we want you make your own opinion on the BMW 330e. Contact Alana direct on 07917 687481 or email for a tailored finance quote and a 24 hour test drive.

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