Benefiting your BMW Experience

Full front and rear HD camera.

The BMW Advanced Car Eye is a true innovation in real-time analysis and insight in to your driving experience.

Available and fitted for only £525 for front and back cameras

BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is a highly sensitive full HD camera that captures events in front of and behind the vehicle, even at night and when it is parked. Thanks to intelligent radar technology and G sensor, disturbances and extraordinary movement can be detected outside the vehicle and distinguished from normal movement. The camera automatically records the situation in order to document possible accidents or (attempted) break-ins.

Benefits of the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 -

  • Automatically records situations in front of and behind the car – even when the vehicle is parked
  • Light-perceiving sensors for detailed recordings day and night
  • GPS receiver precisely records route
  • Simple operation
  • Fitted with cutting edge radar technology
  • G sensor detects vehicle shakings
  • 1 Front camera
  • 1 Rear-view camera with 8-metre cable
  • 1 Cable for fixed installation (on-board electrical system)
  • 1 32 GB SD card, class MLC
  • 1 Micro SD adapter on USB
  • Extra adhesive pad for the front and rear-view camera
  • Installing material
  • Owner's manual

Dash Cam In-Cat Cameras

Car cameras are being used to capture and document events as they happen and are becoming increasingly popular. From sports actions cams, police body cams to car eye dash cams, don't miss out on this massive saving including fitting from John Clark BMW.

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