Used BMW 4 Series for Sale

Bring a little adventure into your life with a used BMW 4 Series. As one of BMW’s more recent additions to their lineup, this car brings an unbeatable blend of composure and power.

Currently, in its second generation, the 4 Series has already seen improvements allowing it to keep pace with innovation. Both versions of this car were available in three styles, these included a coupe, convertible, and grande coupe. In our experience, the grade coupe has been the most popular in the market.

In terms of spec, the four series is a great upgrade from the popular three series. Bringing a sportier feel this saloon has an air of excitement about it while retaining the comfort and practicality that make it a reliable car. It also has the lowest centre of gravity out of all cars BMW offers.

Why would you want to buy a used BMW 4 Series?

From its rapid acceleration to the athletic, high-performance appeal. Let's run through a few of the reasons why you may want to buy a used BMW 4 Series. 

4 Series Interior

You can expect top class interior finished in soft-touch plastics, luxurious leather, and a carefully laid out cabin. The 4 Series really ooze BMW’s reliable solid build quality. 

It would be difficult to give it any less than full marks for comfort and practicality. In newer models, it even features a small arm that pushes the seatbelt towards you in the front as you enter the car. 

Inside you’ll comfortably fit four with ease, totally fine on longer journeys. Great room in the back too for legroom. It also benefits from excellent storage from the door bins, glovebox, and cup holders. The boot is also a decent size with 440-litres. 

The infotainment system is also top-notch. Newer models feature a 10-inch touch screen that can be controlled from a rotary dial between the front seats. 

4 Series Models Available 

Finding a 4 Series that comes in a wide range of options. From a selection of engines to meet any need to three practical trims that steadily increase in spec. Options include SE, Sport, and M Sport.