BMW 6 Series Used

BMW brings a large luxury car to their offering with the 6 Series. First produced in 1976 it's been around for a long time. BMW did cease production in 1989 but launched it again in 2004. Since then, it has been through four generations and a raft of improvements on the way. It has offered a very competitive addition to the grade tourer market. 

BMW 6 Series GT

Why would you want to buy a used BMW 6 Series?

The main appeal of the 6 Series is the focus on long-distance comfort. It really is a car crafted to cater to those who will be driving for long distances.

The exterior projects equal measures of durability and elegance. The sloped roof gives it a sleek coupe-like appearance whilst retaining all the practical benefits of a large car. It doesn’t quite offer the same level of roominess as the 5 Series saloon though.

How is the interior of the BMW 6 Series?

With a car that measures nearly five metres long, the 6 Series is a very spacious, comfortable car. From the driver in the front cabin to the passengers in the back, excellent legroom and headspace is not an issue. Though, the back does feature a slightly raised middle seat that may be best for children over adults.

Along with a lot of space, this car has been finished in excellent quality. Even the entry-level model features luxurious leather seats, soft-touch plastics, an automatic gearbox, parking sensors, and a vast range of technological innovations. It even features chrome wheels and chrome trim for a very elegant appearance and all the safety features you would expect it to have.

It also features a large 460-litre boot. More than enough for a long weekend away. The back seats can also be folded down to seriously upgrade this for those who need unrivalled storage capabilities.

What BMW 6 Series trims and engines are available?

Of course, as with any car manufactured by BMW, the 6 Series is available in a broad selection of trims. It starts with the entry-level SE model. This comes with a large infotainment touchscreen that can be controlled by either using the screen or a rotary dial. It also features a sat-nav, BlueTooth and leather seats. If you upgrade to the M Sport model it brings it to sports seats and metallic trim. Along with a more visually attractive exterior with its body kit and lowered ride height. Truly a stunning used BMW to pick up today.