Used BMW X1 For Sale

First hitting the roads over 12 years ago the BMW X1 brings a versatile Sports Activity Vehicle to their lineup. Since its release, it has been incredibly successful. It had its second generation in 2015 which saw enhancements to its practicality, engine options and exterior.

This BMW extrudes BMW’s high standards both inside and out. Packed with innovative features and complete with a stunning exterior, the X1 brings presence and envy on the road.

It is the smallest ‘X’ model in BMW’s offering. While it is a compact vehicle it is still a very spacious and practical vehicle. It’s in many ways a smaller version than the BMW X3. Still, it has been packed with comfort-enhancing and incredibly practical features, this SUV is a very fun model to drive.

All this makes it a fantastic option for those looking for a family car that has a dash of sportiness about it. Ideal for a long weekend away.  It won’t be a surprise that is been collecting awards over the years internationally. Only last year it won Best Premium Medium SUV at the Business Car Awards. 

Why would you want to buy a used BMW X1?

As with anything manufactured by BMW, there is no shortage of reasons to buy an X1. From its incredibly attractive exterior with its classic SUV shape to its bold, feature-packed interior. Yet another excellent car from this premium German brand.

All models come with five doors and the space inside is more than enough for five adults to sit comfortably on longer journeys. Space for people isn’t the only area where the X1 excels, as an SUV it offers ample space throughout.

In the front cabin, you have large door bins, glove box, cup holders and in the back, you have a boot that can accommodate many suitcases and bags.

What trims does the BMW X1 come in?

Of course, as a premium SUV from BMW, you can expect class-leading technology. It comes in a choice of four trim levels including SE, Sport, xLine, and M Sport. Whilst, yes, features scale as you get through the trim levels, even the base level option offers an impressive spec.

Coming with 17-inch alloys, LED head and taillights, dual-zone climate control, and front and rear parking sensors, the SE trim can still offer more than enough. It even features a comprehensive infotainment system that features BMW’s iDrive system. It can be controlled from either the touch screen or from a rotary dial between the front seats.