Used BMW X5

As a well-equipped premium SUV that is packed with impressive features, the X5 is an excellent model to pick up as a used BMW. It has over two decades on the market and is currently sitting in its fourth generation. Over the years this premium German car manufacturer has continued to develop this car with the pace of innovation. Altogether this has led to one of the most popular luxury 4x4 SUVs available today.

This is thanks to the durable build quality that comes with the BMW name. From its bold strong exterior to the spacious premium interior, you’ll struggle to match the X5 at this price point. 

As with any vehicle crafted by BMW the X5's resale value is fairly high. While, yes, this will mean you will need to pay a little more to get one, you will benefit from this on the other side too. This alone should show you how much value is placed in a X5 regardless if it is brand new or used. 

Why would you want a BMW X5

There is no shortage of reasons you would want to pick up this premium SUV. With the BMW name on it, a boatload of style, responsive handling, and a focus on performance, what's not to love.

The interior quality of the X5 is first-class. It is clad in soft-touch plastics and eye-catching chrome trim. Everything has been intuitively laid out for ease of use putting the driver at the forefront of everything.

If you choose one of the newer models you also benefit from two extra seats making the X5 a seven-seater. An excellent option for a family car.

Used BMW X5’s are available in four trims. This includes xLine, M Sport, M50d, and M50i. Each scales in features and needs a broad array of motoring needs.

Depending on the model, year, and trim you choose a few of the features you can expect to see include 22-inch alloy wheels, BMW’s own iDrive infotainment system, active air suspensions, and seven seats if you grab one of the newer models.

Newer or higher-spec models can also feature the xDrive all-wheel-drive system. This upgrade lets the X5 be as at home in a city as it will be off-road.

Along with the choice of trims, this car also benefits from a vast array of engines. Currently, there are five to choose from. Each perfectly suited to this incredible SUV.