The three departments measured are now New Cars, Used Cars and Aftersales, with the year to date score for each shown below. You will see that all three are above national average, and this is a great achievement for a Centre of our size, so well done. Our own target for this year is to be in the top 25% for all three, and under this system +/- 0.1 makes a huge a difference, so lets all look at nudging these scores up bit by bit. We made it into the top 25% last year, and there is no reason that we cannot do it again in 2017. Year to date for Aftersales, we have a score of 4.51 versus National Average of 4.49 for overall customer satisfaction.

Aftersales Current Rating

New Cars

Currently sitting at 4.90, against a National Average of 4.87​ which is a positive result.

Used Car​

Another positive result with a 4.86 star rating versus a National Average of 4.83. ​