BMW Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

BMW Tyre Protection

Replacing a damaged BMW tyre is costly and incredibly disappointing when the damage is not your fault. However, accidental damage is an everyday reality, but thankfully, here at John Clark BMW we have an ideal financial resolution, BMW Tyre Insurance. This BMW tyre protection insurance covers accidental or malicious tyre damage up to a maximum of £450 and also includes the cost of puncture repairs (but not the cost of roadside assistance). Learn more about BMW Tyre Insurance at today by contacting our service teams in Aberdeen or Dundee.

BMW Tyre Insurance Benefits

  • Up to 5 replacement tyres
  • 3 years cover
  • Covers accidental and malicious damage
  • Available on new and used vehicles
  • Claim up to £450 per tyre

Alloy Wheel Protection

Alloy wheels make your BMW stand out on the road and therefore we like to keep them looking as good as new. However, this often proves to be impossible, as even the best drivers are victims of scuffing the kerb whilst parking in a tight space. This makes your BMW alloy wheels appear less glossy and leave your wheels damaged and unsightly.

BMW Alloy Wheel Insurance Benefits

  • Up to 10 alloy repairs
  • 3 years cover
  • Protects the resale value of your car
  • Available on new and used vehicles
  • Total claim limit up to £1,500

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