Used BMW 3 Series for Sale

As one of BMW’s best selling models, the 3 Series has become a staple of their offering. Built with a focus on practicality and dependability, this executive car is a safe bet when buying your next used BMW

This saloon has been on the roads for over three decades continually evolving at the breakneck pace of the automotive industry. The 3 Series sits in the middle of the BMW 1 Series and the 5 Series in terms of size. In a sense, it offers the perfect balance between both models.

There is a 3 series for everyone thanks to a very impressive range of engines and trims. From performance-focused sporty models to more spacious five-door estates perfect for a family car. 

It’s fair to say you will be hard pushed to find a better value for money on the used saloon market. Thanks to the built-to-last German engineering, the 3 Series also offers a great resale value if you choose to sell it down the road. It brings all the benefits of a brand new BMW, without the big price tag. 

Why would you want to buy a used BMW 3 Series?

There are no shortage of reasons for upgrading your commute with a BMW. Let’s run over the top reasons we love it.

3 Series Interior

Inside the 3 Series shows just how this German car manufacturer earned its reputation over the years. With soft-touch plastics around the glove box, dashboard, and door pockets, and a focus on functionality with a dash of simple style, this saloon is completely driver-focused.

Everything you will need to interact with has been ergonomically laid out to keep you focused on the road and not trying to fiddle with an awkward button.

It also benefits from a very spacious cabin, long drives are not trouble at all. If you opt for the SE trim you get fabric seats but the Sport and M Sport trims upgrade those to leather.

On the dashboard, this vehicle features a 9-inch screen that can be controlled by a rotary iDrive controller. Depending on the age of your model you may also have a 6-inch display to replace old-school analogue dials. If installed this will be controllable from the steering wheel.

3 Series Performance

When you buy a BMW you know you are in for an incredibly reliable, performant vehicle, and the 3 Series delivers just that. It is at home on long motorway drives with a wide range of powerful engines available as well as agile enough to contend with winding B-roads in its step. At times it could be easy to mistake it for a sports car from time to time.

Most variants of this car come as rear-wheel-drive unless you choose one of the xDrive models. Then you get four-wheel drive. Upgrading to one of the all-wheel-drive models brings enhanced traction and power.

The suspension on the saloon is also very acutely tuned for a very smooth ride experience. Slightly tighter suspension may feel potholes and road imperfections a little more, overall, it will feel incredibly refined and composed. Truly a pleasure to drive.