The BMW HP4 RACE - A Masterpiece of Engineering

The BMW HP4 RACE- A Masterpiece of Engineering.

The HP4 RACE is more than the sum of its parts. From the development right up to the racetrack, passion is what has made this race bike what it is. An innovation driver, designed to push the limits. The HP bike is the first motorcycle in the world to offer a fully carbon frame and fully carbon wheels. With 158 kW (215 HP) of power, it weighs just 146 kilos (dry weight). A handmade dream come true for 750 enthusiasts.

Each and every one of the 750 limited-edition racing machines has been handmade and fitted with a numbered sticker. Concentrated passion that is only produced for those who share it. For those who have no limits and always go further. Frontier crossers whose requirements are not only satisfied by the HP4 RACE, but must be redefined.but have to redefine their requirements instead. There are only a few like this. More precisely: seven hundred and fifty.

The ultimate racing bike for the road- the BMW HP4 RACE- From £68,000

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