BMW Motorrad Announces the New BMW CE 02​

A woman stands next to the new BMW CE 02

BMW Motorrad presents another e-vehicle for urban areas two years after the CE 04 debuted and is consistent with their pursuit of their electric mobility strategy. It’s neither an e-scooter nor an e-motorcycle, instead BMW Motorrad are calling it the eParkourer.

It represents a new way to access BMW Motorrad as it is electric and is especially appealing to young people and it’s created for the city and urban environment. Riders aged 16 can ride the new CE 02 with a maximum power output of 11kW/15hp and a smaller 4kW/5hp version that is limited to 45 km/h which meets the requirements of the AM driving licence.

The 11kW version has a maximum speed of 95 km/h and a range of over 90km to allow you to extend your urban adventures even further. It also offers fun and playful handling with its low weight of 132kg (11kW) or 119kg (4kW) and a low seat height of only 750mm. It comes with “Flow” and “Surf” mode as standard with Flow offering the optimal set up for cruising through urban traffic and Surf giving you a dynamic riding experience beyond bustling city traffic.

Your 0.9 kW charging cable is included as standard but you can opt for a faster 1.5 kW cable which is available in the HIGHLINE optional equipment alongside the “Flash” driving mode which gives you a sportier ride.

An easy to read TFT display lets you see important information about riding speed, battery charge status, and other key points whilst a USB-C charging socket also allows you to keep your phone charged on the go. The HIGHLINE variant comes with a cradle mode which allows you to use a smartphone with the BMW Motorrad app to function as another screen. The app itself allows you record your trips and lets you access charging information and other status information at anytime from anywhere.