The City at Your Feet

The BMW Motorrad Concept Link takes new, connected paths.

The Concept Link, which BMW Motorrad unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017, a concept vehicle that has now set about to combine the challenges of urban mobility of tomorrow with the opportunities of a digitalised world.

When it comes to aesthetics, elegance and timeless design on cars and motorcycles, the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is the first port of call. Since 1929, once a year the Italian town of Cernobbio becomes a Mecca for lovers of vehicles that excite with outstanding and forward-looking design. History meets the present and future, which often results in something magical: inspiration is in the air when unforgotten classics gleam alongside the latest concept vehicles. The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is one such concept vehicle. One which proves that by connecting rider, vehicle and environment allows for a completely new riding experience.

When you're on the move in an urban environment, you are one thing above all else: connected at all times. The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is the logical continuation of this connectivity: thanks to electric drive, zero emissions and full connectivity, the concept vehicle is not just a means of transportation, but also a means of communication. In doing so, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link unites the benefits of the digital world with those of the analogue world.

When you want to glide confidently, relaxed and connected through town, you need a vehicle that was designed for this terrain. The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is the vision on two wheels that stands for the future of urban mobility. This starts with the design: a flat energy storage device in the underbody and the compact drive on the rear wheel are the basis for the BMW Motorrad Concept Link's modern, clear and dynamic silhouette. The various possibilities for personalisation – from the seat bench through coloured side panels right up to different windshields – highlight each rider's individual personality.

In the city, you are used to being mobile and connected. And you expect this connectivity during the journey as well. This is where the BMW Motorrad Concept Link comes in. The visionary concept study expands the rider's previous mobile living environment with new possibilities: the vehicle can be connected with the calendar, making it aware of the next destination, and thus able to suggest the fastest or most scenic route there and even provide music upon request. The concept goes one step further: even the rider's clothing is intelligently connected with the vehicle. A simple stroke over the sleeve for instance is enough to close the sliding door of the luggage compartment. With the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, urban mobility is completely reinterpreted: intelligent, integrated and perfectly intuitive.

*The BMW Concept Link is only a concept showcasing future technologies*

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