BMW Motorrad Presents the M 1000 XR Prototype​​

The long distance sports bike meets the highest demands for riding on country roads, for long-distance journeys, and on the race rack with the BMW M 1000 XR in the 100 Years of BMW Motorrad anniversary year.

The M letter is synonymous with racing success and high-performance BMW models worldwide and is aimed at customers who demand performance, exclusivity, and individuality. BMW Motorrad have already introduced the M automobile range strategy for motorcycles in 2019, offering M special equipment and M Performance Parts and the M RR and the M R models being showcased the following year.

The four-cylinder engine from the BMW S 1000 RR super sports bike with BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the timing and valve lift is used as the basis for the M XR. With an engine output of more than 147 kW (200 hp), a DIN empty weight of only 223 kg fully fuelled, and chassis technology, aerodynamics and control electronics designed equally for high-performance road use, long-distance riding and fast laps on the racetrack, the new M XR opens up dynamic riding dimensions as a crossover bike in the sports motorbike segment previously reserved for purebred superbikes

In addition to drive and suspension technology, aerodynamics was also a key item in the specifications for developing the M XR prototype. The new M XR was given winglets with the aim of ensuring superior riding stability even at high speeds despite increased engine power. They serve in particular to achieve the best possible contact between the wheels and the road surface - especially when accelerating and at high speeds. The additional wheel load on the front wheel counteracts the wheelie tendency during acceleration, the traction control system has to regulate less, more drive power is converted into acceleration and the rider achieves a faster lap time. The specifically front-wheel-oriented seating position ensures better bike control, especially in supersport mode.

Like the M RR and the M R, the new M XR features the M brake. It was developed directly using the experience gained with the racing brakes on BMW Motorrad factory racing machines in the Superbike World Championship. The M brake callipers feature a blue anodised coating in conjunction with the famous M logo.

"With the M 1000 XR prototype, we are providing a first preview of the third M model at BMW Motorrad in our anniversary year. We have developed the M 1000 XR, M XR for short, based on the current S 1000 XR, S 1000 RR and M 1000 RR, as a long distance sports bike with high long-range capability and Supersports riding dynamics for the road as well as the race track." Dominik Blass, Product Manager.

BMW Motorrad will publish further information on the new BMW M 1000 XR in the second half of 2023.