Customer Review of the All-New BMW R 1250 GSA ​


​At John Clark BMW Motorrad we take pride in our motorcycles and our customers.

With this in mind we asked our very first R 1200 GSA owner to tell us his own thoughts of the new BMW R 1250 GSA and has given an excellent review of a brilliant bike. This customer is an experienced rider and can compare this new improved model with knowledgeable insight.

What was your main highlights from the new BMW R 1250 GSA?

Compared to the 1200, the 1250 was much smoother right through the rev range. This is a huge bonus as this was missing the mid-range power flat spot that the 1200 has under hard acceleration.

When in Dynamic mode the increase in available power and torque in any situation was a revelation and dramatically more than the spec sheet increases over the 1200 would suggest. Very, very easy to make (in)decent progress, with overtaking never a problem.”

How did you find the BMW R 1250 GSA handle at slower speeds?

At slow speed the fuelling was still great except, well smoother, making heavy traffic that bit easier.”

What did you think of the new improved technology?

The replacement of the analogue dials with the excellent TFT screen was a revelation. I could actually see my speed at a glance rather than my usual guess.”

So many positives! Were there any recommendations for us to work on?

Well, the only niggle I had was backing the bike down the ramp out of my garage as the hill hold brake function would kick in requiring me to turn the ignition off. With that said the hill hold was a nice touch to assist you when in traffic.

Overall a fantastic evolution of the bike. Smoother, faster, easier.”

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