BMW Motorrad R18

The highly-anticipated BMW Motorrad R18 combines power, quality, and tonnes of character. Undoubtedly a BMW cruiser that will attract a lot of attention on the road with this classic styling. Offering a very stable riding experience the R18 is secure and sure-footed, no matter the challenge.

R18 Specs & Features

The R18 sports a 1800cc boxer twin engine that produces 88 bhp and 120-foot lbs of torque. This ensures the R18 offers incredible acceleration to get you moving away from the lights at speed.

The body features a durable double-cradle frame and a hardtail appearance. It even has an exposed drive shaft that spins to give this cruiser a little more visual interest and a bit of nostalgia for anyone who has been riding bikes for many years.

It also features a double disk brake at the back and a single one at the rear along with striking chrome brake callipers. The front lever operates both brakes and the rear foot pedal for just the back brake. This cruiser has one of the longest wheelbases on a motorbike measuring 1731mm.

The R18 is as heavy as it looks. Weighing in at 365kg when you add the fuel and lubricants. Definitely not a bike you want to be manually turned around. Luckily this bike features a reverse function to allow you to easily manoeuvre out of tight spaces. You will never want to ride another large motorbike that doesn’t have a reverse function.

You’ll find the R18 sits quite low to the ground with a seat height of 710mm. This keeps the centre of gravity quite low whilst still allowing the bike to easily get over speed bumps and any other typical road obstacle.

In terms of range and fuel capacity, it features a 16-litre teardrop fuel tank and burns around 5.6 litres of petrol per 100km. The official range of the R18 is 180-miles, this will vary on how you ride the bike, of course.

There is no fuel gauge to indicate you when you are running low on fuel. Instead, a light will appear on the dashboard to show once you enter the reserve capacity of one gallon. This indicates that you should probably refuel as soon as convenient and depending on how you are riding you should have around 45 miles left.

Models Available

There are two models to choose from with the normal R18 and the Classic. The main difference is that the Classic R18 has been made to excel on longer journeys with added panniers and windscreen. It also has two extra lights on the light bar and the front wheel is 16-inch instead of 19 and the tyres are wider.

If you do choose to upgrade to the classic model the panniers will allow you to carry enough for a weekend away. Their capacity is 15.5 litres. Enough for a few changes of clothes, toiletries and other small bits and pieces you may need. The liner can also be removed for a makeshift bag with a capacity of 10-litres.

The panniers can also be removed if you would rather not have these attached to the bike. BMW also includes bolts to screw in to cover the holes.


Performance is an area that the R18 excels. The strong acceleration and torque propel you from 0-60mph in a rapid 4.9 seconds. This cruiser does not hang around.

To suit a broad spectrum of needs this motorbike comes with three driving modes named Rain, Rock, and Roll.

Rain takes the power of the bike down. Lowering throttle response and improving traction. This will be the mode you will want to choose in poorer weather conditions.

Next Roll is more like the everyday riding mode. It offers all of the riding power you’d need for your daily riding needs.

Lastly, Rock is the ‘sports’ mode on this bike. It has been aptly named given the speed and responsiveness it brings to the R18. With a crisper throttle response and trail-blazing acceleration, the Rock mode definitely set the road alight. It would be best to spend most of your time in Rock mode. You don’t want to get accustomed to lower modes and then find yourself caught off guard with the extra power if you choose to turn it up one day.

As you’ll see how the R18 is a fire-breathing cruiser with agile handling. The perfect partner no matter if you're looking for long road trips or a high-end cruiser to tear up the roads at the weekend.